Premises Chapbook


  • Image of Premises Chapbook
  • Image of Premises Chapbook

a limited edition double-sided, color, 23" x 28" poster of the 18 poem/premise chapbook

a chapbook by ripley soprano, design by jade marks

words of praise:

"These poems have so much respect for the unrespected." — Jenny Zhang

"If you have ever felt extimacy with 'movements' and that feeling of placeless-ness, this text is a gathering place." — Che Gossett

"If Premises were a lipstick it would be Cherry Bomb by Wet 'n' Wild." — Sarah Nicole Prickett

*US shipping only (for now)*

for folks who use screen readers, i am making a PDF text-only version of my chapbook premises (with image descriptions of poster-version) available for free. please contact me here or email me for a copy. an audio book *cum* mixtape is available below: